Making the Leap: Preparing Your Place

This is the fifth in a 5-part series. The first is here. If you’ve not been following this series, let me bring you up to speed.  I heard the call in my life to make a change from a life of success to one of significance.  I obeyed the call by selling my house, quitting my job, and moving my family.  But there was still one piece left… the new job.

My church had approached me 9 months prior to this move about coming on staff.  I laughed.  I didn’t think it would happen.  But, after that day, I began praying about it and actually found myself moving toward it.  Here’s the problem… even when I sold my house and quit my job, there was no job waiting for me.  There was no approved budget.  There was no job description.  But, I had faith it was coming.

When it did come together, everything started to make sense.  Many of the things in the job description are the same things I’d been working on in industry.  Responsibilities like leading staff, arranging benefits, hiring and directing, and other things that I had lots of experience doing.  In fact, when I first looked at the job description, I could look back at other things I’d done in my career and see how God had uniquely prepared me to take on that role.  Notice what I just said.  It was not a “close enough” match where I felt I could do the job for a while.  It was one of those things where I could look at each requirement of the job and see, “oh, that’s why I had to go through that.”

I believe that God calls us each to different things at different stages in our lives.  In fact, I believe that very few people are called to do the same thing, be in the same career or in the same line of work for their whole lives.  But, I believe that God uses prior experiences in our lives to prepare us for what he’s going to call us to next.  One pastor says it this way: God is preparing you for what He’s preparing for you.  I believe that Moses was called to lead the Israelites out of Egypt, but before he did, he had to be a fugitive, and understand what it was like to constantly be on the run.  David was called to kill Goliath, but before he did, he had to be a shepherd for a while, to learn to kill lions and bears.

Where you are now may be where you’re called to be for your life… but it may just be where you’re called for now.  It could be that your learning a valuable lesson that you’ll need for whatever’s next.  So don’t rush out of it.  I believe that if God has truly called you to something new, he will prepare you emotionally, prepare you financially, prepare your family, and prepare a place for you that’s perfect – that fits within the abilities, skills and passions He has given you.  Don’t just rush into something.  If you’re going to make the leap, make sure you’re leaping onto solid ground.

I hope this series has been helpful to you.  I’d love to talk more.  Leave a comment or drop me a line if there are other things I can address.


About Steve Wallen

I am, first and foremost, a child of the Most High God, created in His image and alive only by His grace. I am also a husband, father, church junkie, trail runner and triathlete...usually in that order.
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One Response to Making the Leap: Preparing Your Place

  1. sgtboz says:

    Wonderful series, Steve. I’ve been wondering about your move since you first told me about it. The leap of faith is inspiring. -Mike

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